A portion of the Berlin Wall is back on display in New York City thanks to a versatile solution by ModTruss, Inc. and facilitated by by Showman Fabricators  and implemented by Torsilieri INC of New York. The famous section of wall was previously removed from its spot in the Urban Plaza at 520 Madison Avenue to undergo a thorough restoration.

ModTruss modular trussing system was used to build a custom lift capable of hoisting the 33,000-lb. structure into its new spot in the lobby of the same address. The move to the lobby will allow the wall section to remain on display for the public but away from the spray of the waterfall that had been causing its rapid deterioration when it had been on display in the plaza.

Because of the massive weight of the wall segments, a convenient and safe solution for moving and lifting the wall had been previously unavailable. Sections of ModTruss were pieced together to create the perfect lift for the specific task. Dean Torsileri of Torsileri, INC reflects on the restraints they had to overcome for this project, “There were tremendous amount of restrictions and that is why we built the structure the way we did. It was designed by circumstances and that is why we use and continue to use ModTruss based on its modularity.”

ModTruss is a Wisconsin company that designs and manufactures its modular trusses and products in the USA. The versatility of ModTruss makes it the go-to choice for a wide range of customized temporary and permanent building solutions.