If you follow BWS on social media or have ever visited the factory, you would already be aware of the policy held on safety.  All visitors sign in and are escorted through the facility by a staff member.  When entering the factory, they are made aware of the yellow lines marked for foot path and the noises they will hear from a forklift and why.  Next, outfitting the visitor with PPE; making the staff aware of a visitor in the factory.

When hired at BWS, for any position, staff are first taken to the conference room and briefed on safety proceedings and policy.  The management has identified that making their staff aware of potential threats has aided in the reduction of industrial accidents.  As a team, the management of BWS has embraced this practice and jumped in with both feet.  Some of the measures taken to protect the staff are: cut proof work gloves, the implementation of a safety stop light, prescription safety eyewear program, safety boot program, zero tolerance program, tool box talks, safety orientation with new employees, improved MSDS sheet process flow and a safety incentive program.

BWS has clearly made an investment in their most valuable asset, the people.  On January 17th, BWS marked one year of safe working with no lost time accidents.  This company is committed to protecting their staff and keeping them safe while performing daily tasks.  To reward the staff for a job well done, BWS will be purchasing everyone a new spring coat.  The next step of the safety program will be set into place now.  The management team is working to enhance the current program to provide a continuously safe environment for all employees.