Little Beaver’s Super Blade Plus and Super Xtra Rock Teeth feature bolt-on teeth that give the Kwik-Trench an edge over other earth saws for cutting through different soil types, minimizing costs and maximizing uptime.

The Kwik-Trench, the fastest mini-trencher on the market, is powerful enough to cut through 4-inch tree roots, and with its interchangeable teeth system it also cuts down on maintenance time and teeth replacement costs. Kwik-Trench teeth are not welded directly to the cutter wheel as they are on other earth saws. The welded system makes it costly and time consuming to replace teeth because the entire cutting wheel must be replaced when a single tooth is damaged. By comparison, Super Blade Plus and Rock Teeth bolt on to the Kwik Trench’s cutter wheel with four bolts, which make replacing worn or damaged teeth inexpensive and easy.

In addition to maintenance savings, the Super Blade Plus and Super Xtra Rock Teeth complement each other so landscape professionals can tailor Little Beaver Kwik-Trench earth saws to changing soil conditions. With the 1/2-inch, carbide-steel Super Blade Plus, a Kwik-Trench cuts through soft soils, such as loam and sand, at as fast as 30 feet per minute in ideal soil conditions. The Super Xtra Rock Teeth are made from 3/4-inch carbide steel and are ideally suited for dense clays and rocky soils. With Super Xtra Rock Teeth, a Kwik-Trench can cut as fast as 20 feet per minute depending on the soil type and cutting depth.

Both the Super Blade Plus and Super Xtra Rock Teeth give Little Beaver’s earth saws speed and safety advantages over chain-based trenching equipment. With the Kwik-Trench, operators easily push the earth saw forward through soils, whereas chain-based alternatives require operators to slowly walk backward. That not only takes longer, but is also dangerous because the operator can trip over branches, roots and shrubs.

The Super Blade Plus and Super Xtra Rock Teeth fit Little Beaver’s Kwik-Trench KT200B and KT2400B earth saws, which have pre-drilled cutter wheels so operators can change out the teeth within an hour. The cutting wheel on the KT200B model handles either 12 Super Blade Plus or four Super Xtra Rock Teeth, and the larger KT2400B uses either 16 Super Blade Plus or eight Super Xtra Rock Teeth. The KT200B digs 3-inch wide trenches as deep as 8 inches, while the KT2400B digs 4-inch wide trenches at a maximum depth of 12 inches. Both the KT200B and KT2400B models are ideal for installation and landscape applications, such as sprinkler systems, edging, silt fencing and root pruning.