The Add-a-Grapple pallet fork attachment from Precision Manufacturing, Inc. holds brush, limbs, logs and stabilizes pallet loads, and fits most standard pallet forks up to 4” wide and a maximum of 1” thick.

Two fork positions are available: the outer position allows clamping against forks, and the inner position will allow the grapple to bypass the forks by 6” to clamp down on a smaller load.
The Add-a-Grapple pallet fork attachment is easy to attach. Just slide your forks into a pair of tubes, insert the locking rods behind the forks (to prevent the unit from sliding off when tipping downward), tighten the clamps, plug in your hydraulic hoses, and you are ready to work!
The optional Log Clamp will allow you to clamp onto one object at a time, such as pipes, logs or poles with complete control. It is especially useful to hold one log at a time while cutting firewood at waist level. This is much easier on your back and keeps your chainsaw out of the dirt.
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