The Eagle Ditcher is the most efficient and economical way to build and maintain ditches and terraces with only ONE piece of equipment.

When using the Eagle Ditcher, the dirt is thrown out the rear to the left and to the right sides – not on the tractor or the operator. This piece of machinery can cut from 1 – 12” deep and can cut 2 – 5” at speeds of 2 to 4 mph depending on tractor horse power. The 48” wide cutting edge lifts and drops the soil onto the spinner, where it is then thrown out of the machine either to the left or the right, depending on your preference. Wings may be added for an extra 12” wide cut and a cleaner edge to the ditch.

The hydraulic feeder beater aids in breaking up the soil so when it is dropped onto the spinner the dirt is fed out more evenly and aggressively. When the left dirt directional door is open, it diverts the dirt to the left. When the door is closed it diverts the dirt out to the right. The dirt deflector door controls the distance your soil will be thrown. The dirt can be thrown anywhere from 1’ to 150’ away from the ditch or terrace.

The Eagle Ditcher can also be used to cut road shoulders and reclaim gravel out of road ditches. With an Eagle Ditcher, you will be able to cut ditches while water is still standing and not have to wait for the areas to dry up.

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