JackJaw® 203 Extractor is the fast, easy and safe way to pull T-posts. The powerful, patented jaw mechanism allows you to pull posts straight out of the ground without bending or damaging them. Its patented jaw mechanism provides a positive grip that prevents back and shoulder strain that results from the whiplash of other pullers.

The sturdy lever arm gives you a 9-to-1 mechanical advantage. A 100 lb. down force on the handle generates a 900 lb. upward force and a 1800 lb. gripping force on the post. Tilted posts? No problem! Just lean the JackJaw® Extractor to align with the post.

JackJaw® 203 T-post extractors are assembled in Dayton, Ohio, from heavy gauge steel plate and tubing to withstand everyday job site use. The easily replaceable jaws are case hardened AR400 steel for long wear. JackJaw® units have a zinc and clear chromate plating for long lasting durability and corrosion resistance.

JackJaw 203 - JJ0203

JackJaw 203 – JJ0203

The JackJaw®203 easily pulls ¾” and 7/8” form stakes used in concrete applications, “T” fence posts, and string line stakes. This model with it’s horizontal base is optimized for “T” fence post extraction. This taller model (29” tall) allows you to pull stakes without bending over.

Our price: $195.00

Visit the website at www.jackjaw.com, call Bob Anderson at 937-609-8937, or email him at [email protected] for more information.


JackJaw 203 and 205 both designed to make easy work of pulling T- posts. The two units are nearly exact in specification. The 205 is completely built in the USA. The 203 is assembled in the USA, but has some components made overseas.