EquipRent.com, the free, online service that connects commercial contractors and DIY’ers to local rental companies, announced the opening of their new affiliate program today. Free to join, this program will allow any company or individual in the construction industry to offer their users the smart, easy way to obtain equipment rental quotes for any type of construction project and make commissions.

Using EquipRent.com enables companies to save significant time and money when renting construction equipment by making it easy to obtain multiple quotes from local equipment rental companies. The EquipRent.com network extends to hundreds of rental locations across the United States and is able to provide rental quotes for all types of construction equipment from power tools, generators, aerial scissor lifts, backhoes and excavators, and everything in between.

For construction software companies, bloggers, publishers or e-commerce sites that are interested in integrating the EquipRent rental quote service with their own look and feel and where the user never leaves the website, EquipRent also offers rental quotes through a RESTful web API. Sign up and installation is easy as partners gain access to the widget, links and banners to help generate activity on their own website.
"We are excited to open our new affiliate program to the construction world," said Roberto Guerrieri, CEO of EquipRent. "Our new affiliate partners love the idea that the EquipRent affiliate program is not just about ‘making a sale’ but rather offering our free service to their visitors and making revenue at the same time."
For companies or individuals interested in earning considerable revenue right away, visit http://equiprent.com/c/become-an-affiliate to sign up.

About EquipRent.com
EquipRent’s mission is to connect commercial construction companies with local equipment rental companies. With it’s unique rental quote engine, EquipRent delivers highly qualified opportunities to rental companies and enables contractors to receive multiple quotes in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. For more information about EquipRent’s service, please visit www.equiprent.com or call us at 480.347.0717. Also, stay connected on our News and Event room, Facebook.com/EquipRent and follow us on Twitter: @EquipRent.