Superior Tire & Rubber Corp.’s Xtreme Wheels™ Retreading Program offers a complete undercarriage retreading service for your rubber-tracked tractors. The Xtreme Wheels™ Retreading Program works by sending in existing worn out mid-roller, friction drive and idler cores to be retreaded with a proprietary polyurethane compound – significantly reducing the cost of purchasing new wheels and extending wheel work-life.

Xtreme Wheels™ Retreading provides greater resistance to debris buildup, better cut and tear resistance, and heat tolerance – allowing retreaded wheels to last up to 4 times longer than most OEM replacement rubber wheels.

In general, typical rubber wheels in pan-scrapping and high-speed applications fail due to poor heat resistance. The heat that builds up degrades the rubber’s chemical composition and also breaks down the glue used to secure the rubber material onto the core.

Unlike rubber, polyurethane starts as a liquid, allowing Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. to use a unique chemical bonding technology that allows for maximum resistance to compound breakdown and de-bonding.

This advanced bonding technology allows Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. to offer the industry’s only No Bond Failure Guarantee on every new and remolded undercarriage wheel they produce.

Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. also offers New Xtreme Wheels™ mid-rollers and Idlers as OE drop-in replacements. If you need wheels for your Case Quadtrac, John Deere T/RT series, or CAT/Agco Challenger machine or if you’re looking to save money by retreading old worn wheel cores, call Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. at 800-289-1456 or visit

We can remold most mold-on assemblies for pavers – get details now! Do not hesitate to call 800-289-1456 (ext.113) today for more information on our wheel remolding service and cash for cores.