The Kenrich “GP” series are designed to pump most types of water based cementitious grouts. In limited cases, they will even pump some chemical based epoxy grouts. These pumps are ideal for filling hollow metal door frames as well as placing grout anywhere that high pressure is not required.

Popular uses include grouting door frames, filling hollow concrete blocks, under machine bed plates, ground stabilization and general filling of voids. Other applications include repairing spalled out concrete under bridge decks, filling joints in cultured stone and brick pavers, delivery of hydraulic cement to underwater divers grouting around piers, rebar splice joints, waterproofing, prison construction and parking structures, even the repair of historic structures and buildings.

Basic Hand Operated Models:
Our most popular models are single diaphragm pumps. The GP-1 has a 1.9 gallon hopper and the GP-2 has the larger 4.6 gallon hopper. These two models can pump up to 6 gallons per minute through the included 1 1/2” by 60” long clear vinyl placement hose with a maximum output pressure of 15 psi. With a net weight of 19 and 21 pounds respectively, this allows the user to take the pump to where the grout is needed. The GP-6 is a twin diaphragm model. This model has two pumps side by side connected by a common intake and exhaust manifold. Both pumps are operated by a single pump handle. This design greatly reduces the output pulsation and has a capacity of up to 11 gallons per minute. Net weight is under 32 pounds. Popular options for all models are the 3/4” and 1” hose reducer kits for use in small fill port applications.

Pneumatic Operated Models:
The single diaphragm GP-3A is an air powered version of our GP-2. Requiring only 3 cfm of compressed air at 50 psi minimum allows this model to be operated by small portable compressors. Activated by an air cylinder controlled by a pneumatic logic circuit operates the pump at up to 5 gallons per minute output. Net weight is only 27 pounds and onboard controls include a stop/start switch, adjustable pressure regulator, air pressure gauge and a capacity is 9 gallons per minute while using only 6 cfm of compressed air for power. Net weight is only 38 pounds. Standard placement and optional hose reducer kits are same as above. Special order remote stop/start switch is available which can be mounted on the output end of the placement hose.

Specialized GP-7:
This model has a dedicated use of filling door frames only. Now you can fill both sides of the door frame at the same time. Using existing holes in the frame (or creating two 1” minimum diameter holes on opposite sides) allows attachment of the twin hose support assembly. Moving the vertical handle operates both pumps simultaneously. Combined output capacity is 5 gallons per minute and net weight is under 35 pounds. The standard hose support assembly is adjustable to fit 34” to 48” door frames. Other widths are available.

Kenrich Products has been manufacturing low pressure diaphragm group pumps since late 1985. For more information contact, Kenrich Products at 503-281-6190 or visit their web site at