Ervin Equipment, Inc., a leading supplier of new and pre-owned transportation equipment, now deals the full line of new Transcraft trailers.

Transcraft manufactures a wide range of flatbed and drop deck trailers sold under the Transcraft Eagle® and Benson™ brand names. The trailer range, which encompasses standard-duty, heavy-duty and extreme-duty trailers, is designed to meet the needs of the commercial vehicle and construction industries.

Transcraft may be new to Ervin’s lineup, but Ervin is not new to the trailer industry according to Jeff Weber, Ervin’s vice president of sales and marketing. “We have been supplying a wide variety of trailers for multiple industries for more than 30 years,” he said. “Adding Transcraft trailers enables us to continue meeting the demands of a growing customer base and reaffirm our status as a full-service, one-stop shop capable of supplying any type of trailer our customers need.”

Transcraft manufactures its trailers in steel, aluminum or a combination of the two. The company can build the trailers to spec to accommodate any type of weight requirement for loads ranging from palletized freight to heavy equipment. The trailers are available
with light-weight features, beam capacities up to 73,000 pounds in four feet, and 28-foot
to 53-foot deck lengths. There are more than 150 other standard and custom options, including forklift kits, lift decks, container twist locks, rear axle slides and modified deck heights.

Ervin’s expertise in the industry allows its sales team to recommend the perfect trailer for each customer’s specific needs, from deck styles to weights and axle specifications. If the ideal trailer doesn’t exist, Ervin can arrange for the manufacturing of a trailer with the desired modifications.

“Most customers have a solid understanding of the basic trailer needs based on their load requirements,” said Weber. “Our team is equipped with the knowledge to help them find the ideal mixture of options and configurations to maximize their productivity and their equipment investment. If a customer is looking to venture into a new business area, we also help them find the right trailer for the new applications.”

Ervin has the flexibility of working with individual owner/operators who need just one trailer or with fleet managers who require more than 100 units at one time. In addition, Ervin’s ability to buy and sell in large quantities boosts its purchasing power and enables the company to offer the best possible prices. This business model also offers fleet managers a huge selection when upgrading equipment. And by staging basic models of trailers in multiple locations, Ervin is able to offer customers convenient, efficient access to equipment within a matter of days, whether they’re in the United States, Canada or Mexico, Central or South America and beyond. Customized trailers will be available within a matter of weeks.

For more information, contact Ervin Equipment toll free at 877-873-6863 or visit the website at