Corrosion in rebar can compromise the integrity of a building, but it is hard to spot because rebar is so well hidden within the structure. With the introduction of the Profometer Corrosion, Proceq now provides a fast and simple solution to this problem.

Accurately and quickly assess rebar and analyze for corrosion with the new Profometer Corrosion All-in-One solution from Proceq. This easy-to-use devices analyzes rebar to locate areas of corrosion using the half-cell method, and features a flexible design that can easily be updated to add more functionalities. This makes it a true all-in-one solution for the rebar analysis and assessment task.

The Profometer Corrosion has an intuitive interface that is user-friendly and optimized for fast workflow. It also features a dual-core processor that allows both real-time control over analysis and measurement as well as faster data collection. The new Profometer Corrosion has improved noise filtering, allowing it to capture the necessary data without interference from construction or building noise.

The Profometer Corrosion device was designed for work in the construction field, and it sits within a rugged housing that has been tested to provide a safe, secure case even in rugged work conditions. The case comes with an integrated stand, sun shield and carrying strap. It features a high resolution color touch screen display that has 2D grid views, so workers can easily analyze and process data in the field. It also comes with PC software that allows for custom reports, charts and graphs to be drawn from the data the device collects.