Aquajet Systems AB, a global leader in hydrodemolition machine manufacturing, introduces the EcoClear® water filtration system. The innovative machine works with Aquajet’s full line of hydrodemolition robots to treat the wastewater generated by the process by neutralizing water pH and greatly reducing its turbidity so that it can be safely released back into the environment. Until now, methods to treat wastewater on site were inefficient, took up too much space, or were simply unavailable, leading to significantly increased costs and logistical challenges. The EcoClear system enables the hydrodemolition contractor to treat wastewater in real time and maintain an environmentally sound jobsite. 

“We want our customers to focus on what they do best — precise hydrodemolition of concrete bridges and other structures — not how they will manage the water removal. That’s why we developed EcoClear,” said Roger Simonsson, Aquajet Systems managing director. “It collects, neutralizes and removes solids without requiring the hassle of a separate water reservoir or filters. This enhances customers’ productivity while exceeding environmental regulations.”

The EcoClear — which is powered by Siltbuster Ltd., a leading manufacturer in water treatment systems — moves as much as about 88 gpm, or about 5,283 gallons (20 cubic meters) per hour, through a series of treatment chambers that neutralizes alkaline water to a pH of 6 to 9 and reduces turbidity to just 20-25 mg particles/liter. The entire process can be watched monitored and controlled online with the RECO control system.

The machine works by pumping water expelled from an Aqua Cutter into an inlet chamber, where a flocculating agent is automatically added to help clump the particles in the water. The water then flows into a second chamber that introduces carbon dioxide to neutralize the pH. In the next chamber, the floc, or solid particles, settles into a storage hopper and is removed by the integrated pump. The water continues to another chamber for a second pH adjustment. A final monitoring tank confirms the water pH has returned to a neutral 7 before it’s pumped out.

Optical turbidity sensors and pH probes continuously monitor and record the water quality to ensure only clean water is discharged. If the water does not meet set limits, the feed pump automatically shuts down to prevent dirty water from escaping. The water then starts to recirculate until it meets the preset values of pH and turbidity.

Aquajet designed the EcoClear for easy maintenance. A folding roof and integrated walkway make it safe and convenient to inspect the machine. The one-of-a-kind design also doesn’t require filters, eliminating the accompanying downtime and cost of replacing them.

The electrically powered EcoClear is compatible with the full line of Aqua Cutter hydrodemolition robots and Power Pack units. The design meets ISO container standards for easy transportation.

The dynamic combination of the Aqua Cutter Hydrodemolition series and EcoClear work well in applications such as roads and bridges, ship cleaning, waste water plants and petrochemical plants.