A new SmartMarket Report from Dodge Data & Analytics shows that the use of building information modeling (BIM) is increasing in the horizontal construction market. The Business Value of BIM for Infrastructure 2017 SmartMarket Report –produced in partnership with Autodesk, and with support from Deloitte – analyzes how engineers, contractors and owners are using BIM for transportation infrastructure projects in the US, UK, France and Germany. It shows that commitment to BIM is skyrocketing among firms who use it, with 52% now reporting they deploy it on over half their projects, versus only 20% of them implementing it at that high level just two years ago.

The report is available for free download here.

The new report updates a previous SmartMarket Report from 2012 on the value of BIM for infrastructure in the US, which showed that its use on all types of infrastructure projects significantly lagged vertical building construction. However, the new study suggests that BIM is well on its way to becoming established for transportation in the US and European markets.

“Dodge has been closely tracking the growth of BIM for buildings globally since 2007,” says Steve Jones, Senior Director of Industry Insights Research at Dodge Data & Analytics.