A new custom engineered attachment could revolutionize how cement gets poured in areas concrete trucks can’t reach. The new RoMar Frog™ is a concrete transfer facilitation device you attach to a skid loader – easily drive up to the cement truck and load concrete into the tube.

The Frog™ is substantially lower in cost versus renting a concrete pump truck, increasing profitability. Contractors can finish jobs in a fraction of the time with one machine operator and one worker with a trough to screed the concrete. Gone are the days of paying a crew of six or seven people the back-breaking job of hauling cement in wheelbarrows!

The versatile Frog™ can be used in a variety of application, such as pouring piers; footers for basements and crawl spaces; posts for fences; light poles, decks and more. The possibilities are limitless. The Frog™ has a 10-foot reach and holds approximately 12 cubic feet of concrete, the equivalent of about four wheelbarrow loads. It remains stable even on the roughest terrain, even when fully loaded with concrete.

Constructed out of high-density polyethylene and corrugated in the middle to give it strength, the Frog™ is built to hold up to rough conditions. The surface is smooth on the inside and outside and has a cleanout door, making cleanup a snap; just rinse it out with water and it’s good to go for your next job.

See how the RoMar Frog™ works on YouTube. Search “Frog Attachments LLC.” Call inventor Dominic Frisina at 724-927-6341 for more details.