Brokk® introduces the MC200 Multi Cutter to expand smaller Brokk models’ versatility for contractors in steel cutting applications. The one-of-a-kind steel cutting attachment, manufactured by Brokk’s sister company, Darda®, offers a high power-to-weight ratio and sleek, compact design. The new attachment addresses a need for a lightweight, economical steel cutting tool. It promotes safe and efficient steel material cutting in a variety of industries, including demolition and construction.

The 10-by-13-inch Multi Cutter is 40 inches long and can be used on machines weighing 2,650 to 6,170 pounds, including the Brokk 100, 120 D and 160 models. It brings flexibility to the jobsite with its slim profile, making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces, such as building interiors where Brokk machines excel due to their electric operation and compact size.

The attachment also features a hydraulic 360-degree rotary drive for exact positioning and an 8-inch-wide jaw opening, able to handle a variety of metals. It weighs only 265 pounds, yet uses a hydraulic booster to exert 50 tons of cutting force at 3,900 psi to easily cut through steel. To reduce costs to the end user, Darda also designed the MC200 Multi Cutter so operators can sharpen the jaws rather than replace them.

“We developed the MC200 Multi Cutter in conjunction with Darda because there was no reasonably priced cutter or shear on the market for our smaller machines,” said Lars Lindgren, Brokk’s president. “This new tool opens the door to operators who need the compact size and light weight of our smaller Brokk machines, but the force to cut through steel. Plus, the new attachment expands the variety of services contractors can offer by increasing the number of attachments available for our smaller models.”

The MC200 Multi Cutter, combined with the smaller Brokk machines’ remote capabilities and arms that extend as far as 16 feet, allows contractors to easily cut beams, cable, supply lines and steel pipes in hard-to-reach areas. This improves efficiency and minimizes labor costs. The attachment, paired with a Brokk machine, reduces the risk of injury to laborers by eliminating the need to climb scaffolds and ladders with handheld tools.

The Multi Cutter also alleviates the risk of injury from open-flame torches, which are a common but dangerous method for cutting steel. This traditional approach can also create fire hazards and increase the risk of exposure to harmful emissions.

The MC200 Multi Cutter is one of nearly 20 Brokk attachments that operators can quickly interchange for greater versatility on a jobsite. Brokk supplies a wide range of remote-controlled machinery and attachments around the world to maximize productivity, improve efficiency and promote safety.