Lowering fuel costs and reducing emissions are tasks all companies need to embrace. For those companies who use Enpak or Vanair auxiliary power packs, Elliott Machine Works, Inc. offers an on demand load-sense system that works to reduce fuel use and meet the modern energy recommendations.

Elliott offers a hydraulic driven pumping system that works in tandem with the Enpak or Vanair All-In-One systems. Elliot’s hydraulic pluming system features an auto shut-down feature. This feature keeps the Vanair or Enpak system running as long as the oil system’s control nozzle is in the “open” position. As soon as the nozzle closes, the system is shut down automatically. This improves fuel economy. With this system in place, fuel lost during maintenance checks is limited. The engine only runs during the oil pumping process. When a mechanic is changing the filter, draining old oil or accessing the engine, the system will shut down, conserving fuel.

Elliott Machine Works, Inc., has also introduced two carriers for these auxiliary power packs. These carriers mount to the truck’s frame rail, reducing problems with engine space. One of the carriers has a slide out, making it more accessible if it’s mounted below a platform or van body deck.