A tribute that captures the unbreakable bond of a father and son formed in those special moments of childhood. Hardworking values and career interests are passed down, generation to generation to emphasize what is truly most important in life.

That old box of sand

Ignites the passion of transforming the land

Working hard with this scraper pan

In that old box of sand.


I’ll teach you everything I know

Into an honest man, I hope you’ll grow

Whatever the weather, c’mon let’s go

In that old box of sand.


Going to the jobsite hand in hand

With my firstborn, right hand man

I’ll always be your number one fan

In that old box of sand.


I said, “dig deep” when times got tough

Just hoping that you’ve got the stuff

To pull on thru, it’s not that rough

In that old box of sand.


I pray you’ll grow up strong and big

Take over the seat of my earthmoving rig

Moving mountains with each dig

In that old box of sand.


Place emphasis on the final grade

Taking pride in the earthmoving trade

Don’t ever let your excitement fade

In that old box of sand.


As was the wish of my father

There’ll come a day when mine’ll be yours

Then you’ll be the main contractor

In that old box of sand.


When I’m down the dusty haul road of life

You’ll stand strong with your loving wife

Re-living our memories without strife

In that old box of sand.


Most days were good, some struggles were grand

Together, we shaped and formed the land

As your father, I’ll proudly stand

In that old box of sand.


[Poem by Shane Kroeker. K-Tec Earthmovers Inc. 2017. All Rights-Reserved]