Lake Erie Portable Screeners introduces a portable box screener as a smaller, economical alternative to the Pitbull™ 2300.

The Pitbull 2300B has no conveyors and features a smaller frame, allowing it to boast the durability, portability and screening rate of the 2300 at almost half the cost. The new model is simpler, lighter and more compact than the larger version, yet delivers high outputs with a broad range of materials, including topsoil, mulch, gravel, stone, and asphalt.

The combination of low price and high performance makes the machine ideal for small- to mid-sized contractors.

“We want to make sure our product is attainable to everyone who could benefit from it. That’s why we created an entry-level machine for smaller contractors and rental centers,” said Stuart Foradora, Lake Erie Portable Screeners factory representative. “The 2300B has the same screening rate and durability as the 2300 but in a smaller, more economical package.”

The screening plant incorporates an anti-spill loading apron that accepts as much as three cubic yards of material at a time, depending on the feed rate.  With its low dump height of 8 feet, 4-1/2 inches, operators do not need loading ramps; they can fill the hopper using standard construction equipment, such as skid steers, backhoes, loaders or excavators.

While the screening rate remains the same as with the larger 2300, the 2300B deposits the screened material into a large, open space below the screener rather than onto a conveyor belt. Combined with the smaller engine and easy availability of gas, this makes the machine ideal for contractors with low production requirements.

Contractors can easily tow the 7,300-pound machine with a class 3 truck.