The new Vacuworx SS 2 Skid Steer Vacuum Lifting Systems gives your skid steer even more versatility. This new attachment can lift steel plates, saw-cut concrete, granite and marble slabs, landscape pavers and other materials quickly and safely. The SS 2 is perfect for floor, sidewalk, driveway, road and landscaping projects. Cut, remove, and pour new concrete – all in the same day.

Weighing in at just 98 lbs (without the mounting plate), the compactly-designed Vacuworx SS 2 has a lifting capacity up to 2,716 lbs. Featuring all-aluminum construction, the patent-pending design has a hydraulically driven vacuum pump and is compatible with all skid steer brands. It can also be used with a variety of mini-excavators or small cranes using the clevis hook connection. Quick-connect hydraulic hoses and a universal mounting plate makes switching attachments quick and easy.