One of the most troubling aspects of buying an attachment for your tractor, skid steer or loader is making sure it will fit and function as intended.  If it doesn’t fit, it’s really no better than expensive scrap. ANBO Manufacturing has been dealing with this problem for more than 50 years.

“We learned early on that the best way to deal with the issue of so many varied mounting systems is to simply make the mount fit the customer’s machine,” explained Chris Newman, ANBO President. “Other manufacturers add adaptors to their units to make them fit. This adds extra weight and can reduce lifting capacity.”

As you might guess, using a custom solution creates something of a problem for a manufacturer. Newman estimates that in the course of just over 50 years of making grapples and blades they have made more than 30,000 different mounting systems for customers.

“We’ve put grapples and blades on some of the most unique machines you can think of,” continued Newman. “We have mounted attachments using everything from the oldest pin-on type of mounts to quick-attach mounts, to the newest and simplest mounts on the market. We even mounted a grapple to a floating dredge.”

ANBO has more mounts than you can count for all brands of equipment. “Of course it would be much easier to cookie-cutter everything,” said Newman, “but that wouldn’t really deliver the best possible solution for our customers. We don’t want to be the company that doesn’t quite solve the customer’s problem.”

According to Newman, ANBO’s goal for more than 50 years is to help their customers get more done in less time and with less expense.

“There is a lot of pressure on equipment manufacturers to cut corners,” said Newman. “Whether it’s manufacturing overseas or using lower grade steel in their products or expecting the customer to pick up the slack by doing their own mounting, we just don’t do the corner cutting.  I think that’s one reason we have such intensely loyal customers.”