Mattracks has added to its options for customers looking for truck track conversions with the addition of the 400M1A1 model to its current line. The 400M1A1 is the first of the 400 series, and it doubles the load capacity of the 200 series, which was the largest system for trucks prior to this new addition.

The 400 series is designed for commercial vehicles that weigh up to 40,000 pounds. With the tracks, these trucks are able to take their loads off-road, preserving a smooth ride even in rugged conditions. This solution is particularly ideal for the construction industry, when vehicles need to be able to travel across job sites while handling delicate cargo. It also works with industrial vehicles as well These track conversion kits can be used on vacuum trucks, drilling rigs, maintenance vehicles and aerial devices, making them more versatile.

The 400M1A1 track conversion system has a front track measuring 20 inches wide and a rear track that measures slightly wider at 30 inches. The design mounts to the hub, so it quickly converts the truck from tires to tracks, without much needed change, if any at all, to the vehicle itself. The 400M1A1 track conversion system features Mattrack’s exclusive, patented rubber torsion anti-torque system. It also has rocker suspension, steering assist and a rear extern idler, which improves sprocket wrap and fender clearance. It is easy to install, so companies can quickly convert vehicles to tracks when the need arises.