The new C20 Rock Splitter attachment from Darda® (Brokk’s German sister company) offers contractors a safe and quiet alternative to explosives and hydraulic breakers. It increases productivity in industries including construction, demolition, quarrying and tunnelling.

“We never stop looking for ways to improve safety with our machines,” said Lars Lindgren, Brokk Inc.’s president. “Paired with a Brokk 280 demolition robot and counterweight, the C20 Rock Splitter allows our customers to split rock with all the speed and effectiveness of breakers and chippers, but without the noise, vibration and danger familiar with that type of equipment.”

The C20 Rock Splitter quickly breaks large boulders and solid rock in mining and shaft sinking applications as well as cross passage work in tunnelling. Contractors drill a 3-inch diameter hole into the rock with a separate attachment before inserting the splitter. The attachment expands with as much as 1,800 tons of force, splitting the rock.

The method is quieter, safer and produces fewer vibrations and dust than breakers and explosives. It presents contractors with a productive alternative in areas where potentially disruptive demolition techniques are not allowed, such as near hospitals, plus it works faster than expanding demolition chemicals, which can take hours. It’s also a safer alternative to handheld tools, such as pneumatic breakers, that produce heavy vibrations and can cause worker fatigue that leads to injuries over time.

The C20 Rock Splitter, when combined with a Brokk machine, allows laborers to work from a safe distance — typically 10 to 20 feet away — using a belt-mounted remote control box.