The ruggedly-built and aptly named Brush Fire MX548R excavator mulcher from Baumalight gives operators a front seat to the precision destruction of unwanted shrubs and other objects. The attachment comes with an integrated debris claw with three hardened ripper claw teeth so you can move obstacles out of the way and uproot stumps.

At the heart of the MX548R’s Brush Fire system is the design of the 48″ rotor, holding 104 brush-hungry teeth.

The MX548R’s teeth come in two carbide-tipped styles – planer and ripper. The planer-style teeth ‘feasts’ on brush bit by bit, taking small bites and providing efficient mulching and cutting. The ripper-style teeth have more of a shredding mulching action. The V-shaped design makes them less susceptible to impacts with hard objects like stones providing the best option for mulching below grade and in fence lines.

The teeth are V-notched to work with the carbon-hardened tooth holders; the force and impact of mulching won’t bend the teeth. Held firmly in place to absorb impacts from multiple directions, the V-notch keeps the teeth on task, chewing up the toughest brush.

Both planer and ripper styles are bolt-on replaceable for quick, easy servicing and replacement even in the field.
This excavator mulcher can trim back overhanging branches, reach across and into ditches with ease. Baumalight’s bent axis piston motors make the most efficient use of your hydraulic flow and pressure for your brush clearing needs.