Unlike most large measuring wheels, the new 12-inch professional measuring wheel from Lufkin is not offset but is mounted directly in line with the handle for better balance and accuracy.

The wheel’s counter has a gear drive, which is more durable and delivers greater long-term accuracy than belt-drive counters. The counter readout is top-mounted above the wheel, bringing it closer to the user for maximum visibility. The readout measures to 9,999 feet 11 inches and features a heavy-duty counter reset.

An integral wheel wiper prevents mud build-up for consistent results. The folding handle features a sturdy damage-resistant breakaway joint.

“Accuracy and durability are critically important to professionals who use measuring wheels every day,” said Brendan Walsh, Senior Product Manager. “This wheel has both. The center-mounted wheel gives it greater accuracy and the breakaway handle joint and gear drive delivers long-lasting durability.”