Creativity, innovation, and simplistic design have come together to make contractor’s lives much easier, with the launch of Makinex Construction Products’ Hose 2 Go.

Developed in Australia using clever internal mechanics, the Hose 2 Go differs to any other products on the market as it provides a constant pressurized water flow for up to 30 minutes without the use of a pump, battery or electronics.

Once the unit has been filled from a tap, the portable water supply unit allows users to suppress dust and keep the blade cool when cutting, core drilling and grinding concrete. With rugged construction and 3.6 gallon capacity there is no need to drag hoses around the worksite. The Hose 2 Go is portable and weighs under 45 pounds when full.

The products can be used across several industries but will be particularly useful in concrete cutting, plumbing, core drilling and washing down equipment after use.

Makinex founder and award-winning designer Rory Kennard has more than a decade of experience in designing and overseeing production processes for solutions to the construction, infrastructure, landscaping and related industries. Kennard says their investment into Research and Development and passion for increasing productivity in the construction industry leads them to game-changing ideas.

“We’re passionate about changing the way people work to be more efficient and safe, and what was apparent was that construction workers were constantly having to find a water source every time they drill, or they required one person to pump while the other did the cutting, which is a time wasting exercise. It’s like pouring money down the drain.”