John Stover needed a machine that could help him move 22 tons of dirt. Little did he know that his purchasing decision would ultimately make him a part of history in the category of subcompact tractors.
A systems administrator for the US Department of Defense, Stover was looking to fill in with topsoil the space left behind after moving the location of his swimming pool to another area on his 15-acre property.
Stover worked with Gerald Nolt, manager of Perry Power Equipment in Loysville, PA to find a high-performing tractor he could use to do everything from mowing the lawn to moving large amounts of material around his property. Nolt recommended a machine new to North America that he thought would best serve Stover’s needs: The KIOTI CS2410 subcompact tractor.
On May 15, Nolt helped Stover buy the second CS2410 sold in North America. The machine had just arrived at Perry Power Equipment on May 10. As a distinguished KIOTI 5-Paw Dealer, Perry’s was one of the first dealerships in the country to receive this high-demand product for retail sale. Needless to say, the CS2410 was not on the showroom floor for very long. And Stover, for one, couldn’t be happier with the purchase.
“I looked at a number of competitive brand subcompact tractors,” Stover said. “I was considering a John Deere, but the KIOTI had pretty much the same features – and the Deere was quite a bit more expensive.”
Stover said he could appreciate the machine’s heavier-weight, power and ability to handle larger scale chores, while taking advantage of its smaller size and nimble maneuverability.
“The KIOTI really helped me with this first job and it went better and quicker than I thought it would,” Stover said. “After doing my research on the KIOTI CS2410 and the competition, then putting my new tractor to work, I feel like I made the right decision.”

The CS2410 subcompact tractor offers a 24.5 horsepower diesel engine. The optimized engine combines large power output with low fuel consumption to save users money. The 20.7 horsepower power takeoff (PTO) is among the highest in this size class, giving owners the ability to power a multitude of implements, including an optional front-end loader, mid-mount mower and backhoe. Stover’s purchase included both the loader and mower attachments.
Stover’s neighbor has owned a full-sized KIOTI tractor for years and is pleased with its performance, Stover said. For that reason, Nolt also discussed the KIOTI’s larger CK20 model, but Stover was convinced the CS2410 was a better choice for the types of work he’d be using the tractor for.
“KIOTI’s introduction of the CS2410 has been a great addition to our dealerships product offerings. It’s perfect for residential users who don’t need a full-sized tractor,” Nolt said. “In fact, just a few days after Stover bought his subcompact, we sold another one! We can’t wait for our next delivery to arrive. People are really excited about this new KIOTI tractor.”
Headquartered in Wendell, NC, KIOTI Tractor is a market-driven company that has been supplying more than 30 tractor models in the 22-90 horsepower range to the US and Canadian markets for over 25 years. Building on the company’s core product line, KIOTI has recently expanded their offerings to include The MECHRON® 2200 UTV, The Ultimate Transport Vehicle™, as well as a full host of implements and attachments.

For more information on KIOTI or KIOTI products visit,, stop by Perry Power Equipment in Loysville, PA or call Gerald Nolt at 717-789-3532.


John Stover on His New CS2410 KIOTI Subcompact Tractor.


Gerald Nolt of Perry Power Equipment Delivers the KIOTI CS2410 to John Stover.