Walinga’s 2506 Industrial Vac makes quick and thorough work of any clean-up or reclamation. Options include gas or electric motor, otherwise the 2506 industrial vac ships complete with 14 feet of heavy duty clean-up hose, swivel connections, an upright floor sweep tool and steel crevice tool. Bolt the included Walinga 506 blower to a portable rolling steel frame narrow enough for a 30” doorway and you’ve got a powerful portable vac in a class all its own.

The removable 30-gallon tank collects debris. Both the collection tank and the vac frame include forklift points for heavy lifting. The reusable MERV 10 filter keeps exhaust air healthy and free of airborne particulate. A balance of steel and aluminum all-metal construction ensures durability. Used indoors or out this unit is built to last; it also includes the Walinga two year warranty.