The LockNLube® Grease Coupler XL is a longer version of the original. It features the same unique sliding sleeve that’s operated by a thumb lever. Four hardened-steel jaws lock onto the grease zerk, creating a leak-proof seal and prevent the coupler from coming loose.

With almost four inches of reach, it’s long enough to reach the deepest fittings in U-joints, harvester heads, shielded PTO shafts, and other recessed Zerk fittings. It offers the same leak-free hands-free operation as the first LockNLube® Grease Coupler and the confidence that grease will go in, not on, your machine. It won’t pop off under pressure and can still be easily removed from Zerks by depressing the trigger, even under extreme pressure.

The LockNLube® fits all ⅛” NPT grease hoses and is compatible with all grease guns. It’s backed with a 30-day money back guarantee and sells for $39.95 (including S&H) in the U.S.