Keeping safe from bodily harm is the top priority when cutting large branches. Shattered glass and dents are another concern. Falling trees and limbs are highly unpredictable and pose great danger.

A solution to this problem is the new CLAMPit from Precision Manufacturing. CLAMPit controls where trees and branches fall, and can hold and cut limbs in the air and at ground level. CLAMPit works via wireless remote, but if the equipment has an electrical pin connector option, the buttons on the control handle also work.

It’s easy to use – just position the limb or tree inside cutting blades of the tree shear. Before making the cut, close the clamp and tightly secure the limb or tree. Once cut, the CLAMPit will hold the limb or tree so it can be taken to a brush pile, or neatly stacked for easy removal, saving you time and effort.

The load limit for CLAMPit is 200 pounds. For log size and weight chart, go to CLAMPit works on XD or ED Series HyReach Clippers.