Extreme Engineering was a magnificent documentary TV show that aired on the Science and the Discovery Channel. We join the host Danny Foster to the exploration of the most spectacular feats of engineering. Watch amazing, yet physically possible, construction projects like the over 1200 meter long Freedom Ship and the 14 kilometer long Gibraltar Bridge. During the years the TV series changed their name to Build It Bigger but they remained one of the most fascinating shows about construction and engineering.

How It’s Made is a documentary TV series that premiered in 2001 on the Discovery and Science Channel in Canada and the United States respectively. Observe how items from our daily lives (clothing, accessories, bubble gum etc.), mechanical devices (engines) and sporting equipment are built. Bet you will never see your sneakers with the same eye again!

An interesting suggesting by Animal Planet is the show Treehouse Masters. Pete Nelson and his team are working together in order to create some amazing wooden structures. The uniques treehouses that delivers in every episode is a good reason for continuing watching the series every week.

Even 5000 years later, The Great Pyramid complex of Giza is still one of the most significant construction wonders in history. Host Peter Weller sheds light on the whole story behind the building of the Pyramids in Engineering An Empire. Find out about the pharaohs who gave the command for their building and the architects who came up with the design of those unprecedented structures.

Objectified is a feature-length documentary about our connection with constructed objects and their designers. You’ll learn how objects that surround us in our everyday life are created and you will have the chance to witness world-class technical designers talking about their professional and creative objectives.