The all new Turbo Saw RS Series tree saw introduces dual axis technology for both head rotation as well as the ability to swing the boom.

The new saw features a multi-surface blade that cuts the perimeter like a conventional blade and grinds with the face like a stump grinder. Traditional blades are limited to cut with only the blade’s perimeter.

The new RS Series can be positioned horizontally for tree cutting, rotate vertically to trim limbs and sweep back and forth to grind stumps 12” or more below the ground. The RS Series is ideal for a multitude of applications, including high volume commercial cutting, high speed pasture clearing and cutting downed trees into logs. Easily trim limbs along fence rows and clear right-of-ways. One saw really can do it all.

Other notable features of the new RS Series include a swing valve for custom feed-rate setting, RPM gauge for performance monitoring, and a herbicide/diesel compatible sprayer pump. Maintenance is made simple with easy access panels for service and no grease zerk rotate design.

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