Baumalight’s new DSA530 DropSaw is a hydraulic-driven tree saw with a rotating cutting head for your skid steer or excavator. The high-speed circular blade features replaceable carbide teeth for improved durability and precise cuts. The available 180-degree rotating cutting head rotates on a helical rotary actuator and offers precision and control to make quick and clean work of trimming and limbing. With the blade horizontal, the powerful DropSaw can clear brush and shrubs efficiently and take down small trees with ease. Heavy duty construction and serious hydraulics make DropSaw a fierce tool from any angle.

The unique design of this actuator keeps all moving parts enclosed for protection and long life. The Helical actuator has precise positioning and holding power so you can confidently place the saw at the angle you want. The blade is made from AR400 steel; this abrasion resistant steel is rugged and ready for the abuse of a long service life.

Equipped with replaceable green teeth, they are rotatable to a new cutting edge up to three times before replacement is needed. Replacing teeth can be done on-site to renew your cut, whenever you need it. Each new machine ships with six free extra teeth.

Driving the blade and teeth are Bent axis piston motor options. When matched to your machines flow these efficient hydraulic motors make the best use of your flow and pressure.

For simple in-cab control, the DSA530 is available with Baumalight’s Auxiliary Electrical Connection. This connection gives you simple, quick connections and access to all the attachments functions using your machine’s own controls.

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