The new SH04 Camera System from Swift Hitch® is a multi-purpose camera featuring a compact, portable design that fits many applications. The SH04 operates with or without an internet connection or data plan, the camera is viewable on any mobile device and is for use indoors or outdoors. Users can view multiple cameras on one phone, several users can share one camera.

The camera quickly switches between STA (station) or AP mode enabling it to fit in different environments. Under STA mode, the camera can be viewed anywhere in the world via internet access. Under AP mode, the camera works in settings without a network connection, such as a remote job site or rural country field.

It transmits both video and audio data and even can work in the dark as the night vision reaches up to 6 feet in complete blackout conditions. Users can continue to receive calls and text messages while in camera mode, and the magnetic base makes it easy to attach the camera to the tail of a vehicle. Battery powered, it offers up to 5 hours working time per full charging.

A multi-use camera is a useful tool for construction site watching, home security, RV owners and more.

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