Sigalarm’s new Gen (4) IP rated wireless proximity alarm boasts a new waterproof control module. The Wireless Power Line Warning Device (WPLWD) will meet the same performance standards of their other products. The device also offers a new waterproof enclosure. It has an IP67 rating, comparable to the LifeProof iPhone case.

Sigalarm believes the addition of the new Wireless Power Line Warning Device “comes at a time when the industry has been lacking a viable solution for a common challenge. Customer safety is a top priority, and the introduction of the wireless device and its new waterproof control module is a definite game-changer,” according to the company. “We’re in the business of saving lives.”

This waterproof control module expands installation options for customers and increases the capabilities of the WPLWD. Customers can also expect to see the signature black and orange design.

Sigalarm’s Wireless Power Line Warning Device will be available after the 2nd quarter of 2017.